Wilson LeBoyce
Wilson LeBoyce Contact
Faction Enforcers
Organization Praetorians
Prerequisite None
Unlocks Ty Durrant Eva Orlandez
Chung-Hee Violet Prentiss
District Financial

Wilson LeBoyce is a african man and an ex-criminal.

There are no requirements to unlock Wilson LeBoyce. He is the New Recruit Contact for both Praetorians and Prentiss Tigers.


Poacher turned gamekeeper; an ex-gangbanger and former car-thief now recruited into the ranks of the Praetorians. LeBoyce is the product of one of Hea Choi's more controversial recruitment programs, which identified kids on the wrong side of the tracks who could still possibly be salvaged and turned into something useful. Going down on his fourth count of grand theft auto, LeBoyce was released on bail into the Praetorians' recognisance and inducted into a specialist training program. Most of his fellow inductees didn't make the grade, and were thrown back to be ground up in the machinery of the San Paro penal system. LeBoyce did, and now he's a fully paid-up protector of the city.

The Praetorians have given LeBoyce a second chance in life, and he won't hear a bad word said against them. Hell, they're even paying for him to go to college when he finishes his contract as a Praetorian. He used to steal cars; one day, he hopes, he's going to be designing them.

He still hates the SPPD - in the neighbourhood he grew up in, cops meant racist thugs and corrupt bullies - but the Praetorians are giving every kid like the kind he used to be a chance to make something of themselves, help their community, and turn their life around.

Sure, right now he's based out of Havalynd, where kids like him used to get arrested just for showing their faces at the wrong time of day on Silver Street or Shianxi, but one day not too long from now, he's going to be taking the law back into the neighbourhood where he grew up, showing the kids there that there's more to life than running with the gangs.

He still goes back to the old neighbourhood and talks to his friends there. Most of them laugh at him, and at what he's got to say. A couple of them are starting to listen. Just a couple, but maybe that's all it takes.

There are more and more guys like Wilson LeBoyce, and they all go back to their neighbourhoods and slowly spread the Praetorian gospel. Eventually, Hea Choi hopes, that's all it's going to take to hijack Justin Teng's masterplan and make the Praetorians a truly democratic alternative police force. Not ex-cops. Not ex-military. Just ordinary people, doing something to make their city a better place.


  • Unlike Simon Tran, who stays fixed to level 1, Wilson LeBoyce can be leveled. Up until level 5.

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