Reciever Modifications Edit

Also known as purple mods, these modifications change minor attributes of your weapon that generally won't affect it stopping power directly.

3-Point SlingEdit

"A three-point sling attached to the front and rear of the receiver allows the weapon to be equipped [at a faster rate]"

A sling modification that allows the user to equip a weapon at a faster rate than normal. Useful on weapons that slow or restrict the sprint speed of the character such as sniper rifles, light machine guns, and the OSMAW rocket launcher.

Rank Effect Price Unlock
Sling 1
20 -13% equip time $ 10,000 Sniper - Rank 3
Sling 2
30 -26% equip time $ 20,000 Sniper - Rank 8
Sling 3
40 -39% equip time $ 60,000 Sniper - Rank 15


A type of tracking modification that allows the user to tag a target upon successful hit and track them for an amount of time. Useful in almost any situation.

"RFID Tags attached to fired rounds effectively mark enemy targets, highlighting them on your Heads Up Display for you and your team."

Unlocked via Devil Dog/Tiptoe - Level 5.

  • Places a Target Marker above targets that you hit, for 8 seconds.
  • Enemy player can see when they are tagged.

Mobility SlingEdit

A sling modification that allows the user to have better stability while using the weapon. Improving the user's accuracy while aiming and moving.

"A Joker manufactured sling designed to act as a stability aid while moving. This allows the user to walk or run faster while in marksmanship mode, though the complex system of attachment does slightly increase weapon draw time."

Unlocked via Devil Dog/Tiptoe - Level 18.

  • Increases movement speed in marksmanship by +50cm/s
  • Increases Equip time by +15%

Magazine ModificationsEdit

Known as the blue mods, these mods affect your ammunition load-out in your weapon. Write the second section of your page here.

Magazine PullEdit

A modification that allows you to reload your weapon at a faster rate. But for faster clip change, you in-turn lose some carrying capacity in your clip thus meaning more reloads. Useful in weapons that have a high fire rate like SMGs, as well as weapons that deliver high damage per-shot, have large magazines and a long reload time.

"Rubberized loops on the magazines allow them to be handled easier, ... improving reload times."

Level 1: Unlocked via Rifleman - Rank 4

  • Decreases reload time by -20%
  • Decreases magazine capacity by -15%

Level 2: Unlocked via Rifleman - Rank 9

  • Decreases reload time by -30%
  • Decreased magazine capacity by -20%

Level 3: Unlocked via Rifleman - Rank 14

  • Decreases reload time by -40%
  • Decreased magazine capacity by -25%

Barrel ModificationsEdit

Known as the red mods, these mods tend to affect how your weapon fires.

Upper-Rail ModificationsEdit

Known as the yellow mods, these mods affect your weapon's accuracy.

Other ModificationsEdit

Something here.

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