As you progress through organization levels you will unlock weapons with upgradeable slots. All weapons, be it 0 slots or 3 slots, have the same base statistics. These statistics can only be changed by the upgrades you fit them with.

Weapon UpgradesEdit

All weapon upgrades in apb have three levels. The higher level the more "potent" the bonus it gives.

  • Savage - Increase weapon damage

- 5%, 10%, 15%

  • Spray and Pray - Increase weapon fire rate

- 3%, 6%, 10%

  • Quick Fingers - Increase weapon reload speed

- 10%, 20%, 30%

  • 3-Point Sling - Decrease weapon equip time

- 10%, 20%, 30%

  • Eagle Eye - Increase weapon fire accuracy
  • Short Sighted

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