New release - version now [post updated Wed night]

(note: Wednesday night 11:00pm PST update):

To clarify - the patch itself (version 76) doesn't actually perform the Punkbuster update, it only changes our game so that it can use the update from the Punkbuster side. We are now waiting for PB to push the change live on their end, and once their systems have been updated as well, then we expect the stuttering issue to be resolved.
We expect this update to happen sometime overnight between Wednesday and Thursday PST (so Thursday morning in Europe).
Cheers / TechMech

(original post):
We are now going live with version (76) of the game.
This build contains one specific fix - a Punkbuster time-lag issue that we have been observing which can make the game slow down for a few seconds every 20 or 30 seconds.
The team is additionally working a long series of other fixes as well, and I will update this page when those are live.
Also - at this point we have invited everyone who applied for Closed Beta. If you have NOT been invited it means one of three things (1) you told us you were too young to play, (2) your application was not processed (usually corrupt DxDiag), or (3) you simply didn't get the email.
While you could contact our customer support for this - the easiest method to get early access is actually to simply create a G1 account, and then sign up for the newsletter at the front of the APB page on using the same email.
We will pull people from that batch, and enable their G1 accounts for access as the next big step. I will update this post as soon as we are ready to do so (probably after some additional minor fixes)

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