Below are the release notes, but check these links if you want to learn more about the two new systems:

Ready (replaces dispatch):

Threat (improves "call for backup" system):


  • Advanced Video Settings are now available!
  • Going live with this patch is the new ‘Ready System’, more info can be found here.
  • Players can no longer exploit certain roles to gain money.
  • New clothing items are available!
  • A crash when creating a new theme or song in the music studio has been fixed.
  • A large number of client crashes have been resolved.
  • Client no longer hangs when clicking on the Vault/Knowledge-base button in the locker on weapons.
  • The spray can effect now correctly displays on other player's clients.
  • An issue where players were unable to search for primary weapons on the marketplace has been resolved.
  • Upgrades can be removed while using the Field Supplier or Mobile Supply Unit.
  • A graffiti and vehicle display point in the in Social now display at the correct level of detail.


  • Audio display points will correctly be muted when entering the marketplace and the designer.
  • A bug where players could lose all audio has now been resolved.
  • Using 'Local Test' will no longer result in the loss of VoIP functionality.
  • VOIP now works correctly when after logging out and logging back in.
  • Local Test functionality now works whilst VOIP is disabled.
  • A large number of missing click/selection FX have been correctly placed.
  • Names added to songs in the rewards package.
  • Camera positioning will no longer affect positional VOIP.
  • Players can no longer hear locational VOIP while using the music studio.
  • The 'Add' button in the music importer no longer loses all functionality until the client is restarted.


  • LC paths in the waterfront adjusted to avoid new geometry.


  • Both the Nulander Kurai and the Sungnyemun Moirai no longer have default number plates.
  • Patriot Vegas G21 is never unlocked while G22 is unlocked twice throughout progression.
  • Corrected the spelling error in the description of the Espacio 92 "Koga" criminal vehicle.
  • Nulander Kurai bumpers are now painted correctly.
  • Male Characters hands now align with the steering wheel of Nomad-Outland Kurai SUV
  • Fixed issue with vehicle fire effects.
  • Locked vehicles now behave correctly when blown up.
  • The criminal vehicle, Cisco 1804 "Zoosh", no longer has front enforcer lights.
  • Decals applied to rear of Nulander Kurai now appear correctly.
  • Paint is now applied correctly around Nulander Kurai taillights.
  • Graphical issues with the Patriot Vegas "Rugido" bumper have been resolved.


  • The “OBIR NFCP 3” which was previous unavailable through the achievement “I've Friends in High Places” should now be available.
    • Players who have already gained this achievements will need to gain one more contact level from one of the 4 new available contact levels to receive the ability to purchase this item.
  • N-FA 9 now has a smaller clip size.
  • S-AS PDW has a smaller clip size (based on the feedback that these weapons were becoming more effective than other close combat primary weapons. Their smaller clip sized limits their potential).
  • JG-840 damage has been increased (compared to the PTW build).
  • New but locked clothing is no longer marked as 'New' until they are unlocked by the player.
  • The gun case crate no longer intersects a characters arm and chest.


  • Male hairstyles no longer clip through any of the new hats.
  • The cowboy hat and the fedora hat no longer intersect when also wearing a hoodie.
  • An issue applying decals to the new hats has been fixed.
  • Decals will no longer appear incorrectly when placed near badges on Sungyemun Moirai.
  • Bloodroses tier 2 preset hockey mask can now be correctly unequipped.
  • The Male & Female Tier 2 G-Kings Preset (item 1) no longer have heavy colour bleeding.
  • Preset hockey mask now displays the character wearing the item when previewed.


  • The mission 'The Ditched Riches' now has the correct number of stages.
  • The mission 'Button Mashers' now has a timer on the second stage.
  • Missions will no longer require players to steal a car and deliver it to the same location.
  • Time limit for "Constructive Criticism" Stage 2 has been increased slightly.
  • The mission "Piracy Purge" is no longer biased in favour of Enforcers or exploitable by Criminals.
  • The Criminal mission HARD ROCKS has been re-balanced.
  • “The Artistry of the Spraycan” mission now has more than one stage when unopposed.
  • “No Unaccompanied GKings” mission now has more than one stage when unopposed.
  • The mission, “Organ Grinder” can no longer be exploited by Enforcers and has also had the number of ‘lives’ added to display correctly.
  • “Not in My Backyard” no longer has an unnecessary break in mission on stage 5.
  • “Economic Recovery” now no longer ends after 1 round if unopposed.
  • The objectives in “The Inside Man” mission have been spread further apart.
  • The kill counter for “Middle Man Mayhem” has been fixed.
  • The time limits on “The Fast and the Incarcerated” are now realistic.
  • Some escape mission time penalties have been balanced.
  • The mission “Repo Racers” now has a realistic time limit on all stages.
  • The racing cars in the Nantego 520 Street Race are now more appropriate for racing.
  • Vehicles can gain access to the Enforcer contact "Grissom" spawn bay.
  • Stage 3 of criminal mission "The Ex Factor" is no longer biased towards the opposition.
  • The mission "Pimp My Crib" is slightly easier for the mission owner when opposed.


  • The labels forApplied Facial/Body Hair items are no longer truncated within the persona editor.
  • Owner and Faction information are now displayed correctly in UI menu for statues.
  • New but locked clothing is no longer marked as 'New' until they are unlocked by the player.
  • The 'Star Badge (Chest)' tool tip now correctly displays on screen.
  • Long text will no longer bleed outside the UI in the search field of the Music Player.
  • Dropdown boxes are no longer misaligned when using the in-game browser.
  • The HUD UI Progress Circle no longer displays incorrectly on an arrest group member.
  • The Character upgrade icons are correctly updated when removing an upgrade.
  • Red text displayed while using the Video Capture feature is easier to read.
  • The correct controls are now displayed in the loading tips.
  • Players who are no longer in a mission are not removed or highlighted on the scoreboard.
  • The "NEW" text next to unlocked vehicle components no longer returns when exiting and re-entering the game.
  • The Group tab no longer remains highlighted after leaving a group.
  • ‘Current Owner’ field is now displayed correctly on statues and graffiti points when viewed from another instance.
  • The 'close' (x) icon on additional chat tabs now displays correctly.
  • Icons: Arrested and Stunned icons no longer show through menu screens.
  • Achievement text for 'I'm Kind of a Big Deal' has been updated.
  • The mini Music Player HUD no longer occasionally disappears when changing tracks.
  • An issue involving map icons has been resolved.
  • The Front Enforcer Lights for the Packer Ceresco in the Garage now have icons.
  • Fixed an issue where tutorial messages were not being displayed.
  • Multiple Financial District Statue Display points now correctly display interaction info.
  • There is no longer debug text present within the Control Settings Interface tab.
  • Users are not informed that mission objectives of higher tier missions will take longer to complete.
  • The 'Select' button in the Capture Settings now works correctly and doesn’t force a restart.
  • A tutorial message related to resupplying ammo no longer contains unreadable text .

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