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    APB Reloaded Updated

    July 9, 2012 by Kenji 03

    Apr 18, 2012APB Reloaded Updated Product Update - Valve New Contacts - TipToe and Devil Dog! • Criminals get to meet TipToe, Tyron Sennet’s long lost daughter. She’s employed by the Blood Roses but runs with her own brood of elite sociopaths. She can be found hanging out on top of the APD car park in Financial. • Enforcers join ranks with Devil Dog, an ex-sniper who was honourably discharged from the Marines on medical grounds. He now works for the Prentiss Tigers and can be found on the roof of the abandoned “Munson’s Screw & Bolt” factory in Financial. • Both contacts add 20 levels of progression each and hand out the latest experimental gadgets and gear to all those who can earn it. • NOTE: You must be Rank 195 to unlock these top conta…

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    Apr 10, 2012 APB: Reloaded New Breed update will bring Radar Jammers, Tommy Guns and a brick PC Gamer [1] Gamers First have released the details of a huge new update for APB: Reloaded. Patch 1.7.0 is being called 'New Breed part 1' and will bring new weapons, new mods, new characters and new challenges to the online cops and robbers sim. The new equipment will be doled out by two delightfully named new characters, Tiptoe for the criminals and Devil Dog for the enforcers. I bet he's a nice man. He sounds nice.

    Check inside for more details.

    New Modifications

    Radar Jammer: This device covers enemy radars with your personal graffiti, keeping them from spotting you and your team.

    Hard Landing: Equip this and your character will no longer be stagge…

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    Dec 16, 2011

    APB Reloaded scores 3 million players in one week PC Gamer [1]

    The dust has finally settled on APB’s Reloaded reboot-up-the-arse, and it’s racked up a none-too-shabby 3 million registered players in the eight days after its release on Steam, according to Gamespot. The original, ridiculously troubled release apparently notched up a mere 130,000 players, but we heard rumours that this number was actually far lower.

    It's also currently sitting at number 15 in the Steam charts, making it the second most popular free-to-play game after the evergreen Team Fortress 2. 3 million isn't such a bad number, too - it's obviously dwarfed by the likes of Skyrim, but it's almost up there with Battlefield 3's 5 million copies. It's also just over…

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    Dec 7, 2011 APB Reloaded open beta hits Steam, play now for free PC Gamer [1] Multiplayer cops and robbers game APB has broken out of its cell and barged rowdily onto Steam. For more than a year, GamersFirst have been rebuilding it as a free to play game after APB's first run came to an abrupt end after its creators, Realtime Worlds, went into administration.

    It's now called APB Reloaded, and you can download the client for free now. GamersFirst say that this is an open beta phase. They'll continue to fix bugs and refine things as players go to war. You get to create a cop or a crook using the fantastic character creation suite, and then roam the city of San Paro in squads, where you'll be assigned missions designed to dynamically match you…

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