[14 January 2014]

We're aiming at releasing a client update on Wednesday. Maintenance should be under three hours and will start at 10 AM GMT.


  • Temporarily assigning the Elves Christmas Titles to Ophelia (Joker Distribution), as they were inaccessible to some players during the APB Christmas Elf Event.

New Weapon Variant

  • "Pathfinder" : Functionally identical to the N-HVR 243, the Pathfinder provides a stable, mobile platform for long range engagements, following Scout Rifle guidelines. This weapon will be available on ARMAS soon!

New Weapon Skins

  • Japanese, Norwegian, Irish, Desert Camo and Blue Digital Camo. Look out for these skins on ARMAS soon!

Bug Fixes:


  • Implemented a fix where opposed contacts have correct weapon skins when interacted with.


  • Fixed issue where Vegas blinkers glowed when the opposite side blinker was working.
  • Updated Vegas model to fix panel gaps.
  • Fixed for the Vegas’ "Hotrod" spoiler deformation.
  • Fix for the Vegas Rhino’s headlights, so that decals may now be applied to both sides of the front panel.

UI / Scaleform

  • Asylum re-added to district select dropdown menu in the server browser UI.


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