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    [Friday, January 24, 2014]

    "Here’s what’s going on right now:  For the last few weeks miscreants have been messing with APB by attempting both small and large DDoS attacks daily. The attacks range from small scale attempts, all the way to Derp Trolling taking down APB during their big take-down spree against Eve Online, LoL, Steam and (on an aside, if anyone has any information about these events, we, and the FBI, are all ears and we will share more info on how the community can help out too). 

    In the meantime, choosing a mitigation response that is both effective and doesn’t destroy performance is hard, but that part is complete and a first solution has now been deployed. Unfortunately there is no free lunch; in this case, mitigat…

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  • JEA12

    APB:R - Patch 1.14.1 (471)

    January 25, 2014 by JEA12

    [21 January 2014]

    Tomorrow’s (Wednesday) maintenance will have an extended maintenance time (more details in a Blog post later today) Maintenance should be approximately four hours and will start at 10 AM GMT.


    • Various background system optimizations.

    BUG FIX:

    • Fixed a visual corruption issue that could occur on the female jeans.

    • Forum Post by Tiggs
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  • JEA12

    [23 January 2014]

    Now available on ARMAS!

    Pathfinder PR2

    Functionally identical to the N-HVR 243, the Pathfinder provides a stable, mobile platform for long range engagements, following Scout Rifle guidelines. This version comes with a Tagger and a Hunting Sight.

    Stats: Health Damage: High
    Stamina Damage: High
    Hard Damage: Low
    Effective Range: High
    Rate of Fire: Low
    Reload Speed: Mid
    Mobility: High
    Clip Size: 5
    Ammo Capacity: 25
    Required Faction: Both

    Modifier: Tagger - Places an Target Marker above targets that you hit, for 8 seconds. Enemy player can see when they are tagged.
    Hunting Sight 1 - Increases benefit of Marksmanship mode slightly. Increases zoom level by 5 degrees. Decreases accuracy while running slightly.

    Pathfinder LR PR2

    Functionally ident…

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  • JEA12

    APB:R - Winter Warmup Event!

    January 25, 2014 by JEA12

    [22 January 2014]

    Starting today at 4 PM PST (12:00 AM UTC) we’re giving out free gifts for each consecutive day that you earn 15 unique kills for the next SIX days! Every day you login and do what you would normally do, you get a gift for that day!

    The rules are the same as the last time, these are unique kills and it resets each day.

    • Forum Post by Tiggs
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  • JEA12

    [17 January 2014]

    Get 25% more G1C when you buy with Paypal for the rest of January!

    • Forum Post by Tiggs
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