PC Gamer has put out the first APB review on its website – and as we’ve been telling you for a while, the verdict isn’t good. 
In fact, it’s close to catastrophic, with the game getting a miserable 55%.  Considering how much anticipation All Points Bulletin racked up during development, the cops and robbers themed MMO from the makers of Crackdown has fallen flat on its face.  The problems start with driving: “Floaty, unresponsive and with an odd mixture of under- then severe oversteer,” says PC Gamer.
“APB’s cars feel like petulant automotive teenagers, never willing to do what you ask,” it says.
The game environment is described as “inconsistent”, with collision physics that make sense “on a planet where nothing makes sense” and the shooting, “spectacularly unsatisfying”.
Is there any hope for APB at all? The review says things do get a bit more interesting when two big gangs of players collide but ultimately, “We’re left with a game that, were you to dig into its foundations, would show structural problems at every strata.” Woops.
You can read the whole APB review over on the PC Gamer website. The write up is entertaining even if the game itself apparently isn’t.
Here’s the lowdown in case you simply can’t be bothered.
The heart-thudding thrills, I came to realise, came about not because of APB ’s world, but despite it. Cramming people into a game-city and forcing them to scrap will always provide a frisson of tension and excitement, but every second I spent savouring those feelings I also spent cursing APB ’s mechanics. In its current form, Realtime Worlds’ take on the MMO is draining: beyond the end of my time playing the extended beta, and the finished game, I’ve had no desire to play the game further. For a persistent online game, that’s not a good sign.
Confused and weightless, APB doesn’t satisfy on any front: the shooting, driving, story and objectives are all sub-par.

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