Ty Durrant
Ty Durrant Contact
Faction Enforcers
Organization Praetorians
Prerequisite Wilson LeBoyce
Unlocks Grissom
District Financial

Ty Durrant is a punk of the Praetorians.

There are no requirements to unlock Ty Durrant.


Ty Durrant worries about the kind of world his kids are going to live in. He sits and watches the TV news, and all he sees is crime stories and "Mayor Derren reassures the people of San Paro..." this, and "Police Chief August Carter promised to..." that, and it doesn't make a lick of difference to what he sees going on outside his own front window. The other week, some guy down the block from him got carjacked and shot to death. The week before that, some cracked-up nutjob took potshots at his kids' school bus.

A school bus. We're living in a world where a school bus is just another item on a moving target practice challenge.

Durrant used to sit with the other guys down at the local bar, drinking away their welfare checks and bitching and moaning about the state of the city and how somebody - the cops, the mayor's office, the federal government, anybody - should do something about it. But that's all they did. Bitch and moan, and wait for somebody else to do something about it all.

But no-one ever does. No-one ever will. If you want something done, Durrant finally realised, you have to do it yourself.

He'd seen that Justin Teng guy interviewed on Kiki Monroe's show, but didn't pay too much attention at the time - too busy checking out that Monroe chick's rack. He'd seen the billboard posters round the city, and heard those talking recruitment ad posters on the subway trains, but one day it all suddenly came together for him, and he walked into the recruitment office - "one in every neighbourhood in the city", just like the ads said - and signed up with the Praetorians. His military experience - four years picking sand out of his ass in some Middle East shithole - put him on the fast track through their training program.

So now he's patrolling Havalynd and already earned most of the money he needs to move his family out into a better neighbourhood. That's all that matters. Well, that, and a chance to get back at the scumbags who've turned San Paro into what it is today.

"We don't start trouble, but we sure as hell stand ready to stop it!" Commander Linklater used to say that at the end of his tac briefings, and someone somewhere picked up on it and started using it in those public service ads for the organisation. Durrant and some of the other guys in his unit always get a laugh at that, sitting in the bar and drinking way their hard-earned pay checks. Him and some of those guys, they're only too happy to start trouble, 'cos they know who the targets are and where they're hanging out.

"Threat identification and assessment, with a view to final elimination" that's what they used to call it in the military. "Do it to the fuckers before they do it to you", that's what it translates as. Durrant and some of his buddies, they got no problem with any of that.

A little extra-curricular R&R, cruising around town and taking care of problems before they happened. Against the rules, but who really cares, especially if you insulate yourself from any comeback. "Damage limitation" - another phrase he remembers from his army days.

Find some patsies. Get them to do the dirty work for you. Sounds like a plan to Durrant.

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