These page is made to allow theories to be presented to the public and discussed, disproved theories will be marked for that but not deleted. Try to use as much backup as possible as to why the theory should apply.

Accuracy and BloomEdit

Accuracy is as simple as multiplying the base accuracy with the appropiate modifiers. This would be a rather simple solution. Some things that back this up are that the Marksman accuracy on Armas is exactly the same as the base accuracy mutliplied with the marksman modifier. Additionally, multiple modifiers can be used at once. While jumping, both running and jumping modifiers are applied (additionally maybe sprinting as well, but questionable since the crosshair remains visible). Same goes for sprinting, where sprinting and running are both applied. This can be seen that the jump and sprint accuracy is always worse than the running accuracy and they are both extraordinarily low on most weapons. It has not been verified if it actually does have an impact on sprinting, but it most likely has. The crosshair is always seen blooming out from the running crosshair (except for weapons like the CSG and JG, where it doesn't move since the sprint modifier is 1), indicating that it's always worse. Which could be easily explained if the sprint modifier gets multiplied with the running one.

Bloom gets added on top of the present modifier, this can be seen by the fact that weapons bloom more or less independently from their present movement state. The bloom per shot gets added until it hits the cap, at which point all bloom that goes above that cap isn't accounted for and never appears to the user. Weapons like the ATAC easily support this, since they bloom exactly one shot, drop lower but not full before shooting again, while the cap remains the same. Additionally recovery goes in a linear fashion and kicks in as soon the recovery delay has passed and then goes down by the designated value/s. I do not know weither it's RL seconds or if the recovery may be affected by the stance, but it doesn't seem so.

Tsusutalk 22:11, December 24, 2014 (UTC)

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