The ShufflingtonEdit

The Kempington Shuffle00:00

The Kempington Shuffle.-3

The Kempington Shuffle

The Shufflington is the art of switching your camera position from shoulder to shoulder and firing at the same time to the beat of a song from anything from the electro-swing genre. This act will make your character appear to be dancing around like a loonatic.

Application of the ShufflingtonEdit

The Shuffle can be used in Fight Club, where it is most effective at dodging long range targets while putting on a show, or close in for the kill on some unsuspecting foes.

The Kempington Shuffle as a legitimate dodging and attacking strategy00:00

The Kempington Shuffle as a legitimate dodging and attacking strategy

Application of the Kempington Shuffle

Please note: Do not try to do this as a legitimate strategy in a mission district. Such application has not been fully tested yet and may prove to be inneffective against foes who simply care not for the dance of your people.

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