This is meant to be a page to publish any tests. Please try to post the results in the most basic form possible (like "stock N-TEC kills in 6 hits, N-TEC with HB3 kills in 7", rather than "HB3 decreased the damage enough for the N-TEC to need 7 shots to kil"l) These can be posted on the Theories page to reinforce your Theories and models. Use your own headline, using your own signature is advised.

CR762 (HB3) and N-TEC bloom recovery test 0000Edit

N-TEC had a tap-fire fire interval of about 0.2s. CR762 had approximately 0.295 and CR762 with HB3 0.235. Inaccurate but precise measuring was applied, results had to be adjusted. Use with caution. Tsusutalk 21:58, December 24, 2014 (UTC)

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