Shift Contact
Faction Criminals
Organization G-Kings
Prerequisite Veronika Lee
Unlocks Harmon Benjamin
District Financial

Tier 1 contact for G-Kings.


Everywhere you go, there's no-go zones. Barbarians used to say that G-Kings couldn't move out from under the Loop or go north or east of Promenade. Zombie led the charge across the borderline, and proved them wrong. Javez started going on dawn raid tagging missions into Barbarian turf and put up G-King markers all over enemy territory. The rest of the Gs had the choice between following him and defending the markers or staying on home turf and letting the Barbarians deface the Gresty colours.

The Barbarians are gone now - Zombie and some of the others pretty much saw to that - and there's expensive art books full of photographs of some of the tags Javez put up all along Promenade. You don't see Zombie and Javez around Gresty so much these days, but someone still got to be there to push out into the no-go zones and fly the G-King colours in the places where they're not supposed to be seen. In the absence of anyone else, Shift's decided that the task now falls to her.

SPPD said the Gs can have the New Cross Skatepark but from now on they have to confine their shit to the designated areas. Shift said fuck you, and held a flashmob party in the then recently-vacated SPPD sub-precinct house in South Havalynd, handing out spray cans to everyone as they came in the doors, reclaiming the place and turning cop shop into a graffiti art gallery.

The Mayor's Office declares a big 'war on graffiti' initiative, telling everyone it's time to make San Paro beautiful again. Shift and some of her crew sneak into the Kunst Museum the night before the campaign launch, and make some design changes to the poster image that's going to be unveiled to the San Paro press corps the next morning. Images from the press conference, featuring Mayor Derren standing in front of an artfully-rendered giant spraypaint image of herself performing a graphic sex act on a well-known cartoon character, are still doing the rounds on the internet.

Corporate hire-cops lay down the new rules, telling the Gs that, from now on, Silver Street, Shianxi and Empire Boulevards, along with the whole of the Needles, are now completely out of bounds. Only way anyone from Gresty is going in there is if they've got a job as streetcleaners or janitor staff. Shift hits back, tagging a bunch of Praetorian prowl cars with heat-sensitive paint that only becomes visible as it dries out in the heat of the day. Praetorian units spend all day on patrol, wondering why pedestrians are all laughing at them. It's only when they get back to the depot that they see what's written across their vehicles' fronts and rears. At the same time, someone cyber-bombs the Praetorians' website, and, for most of the day, visitors are redirected to a mirror site showing an artfully-rendered animation of Justin Teng performing a graphic sex act on a well-known cartoon character.

Mayor Derren and Justin Teng aren't amused. So far, though, neither of them have been able to alter SPPD and Praetorian shoot-to-kill policies to include crimes of public humiliation. Shift stays on the move, travelling light, keeping to the shadows. Everyone knows the name - she always signs all his work - but not so many people know the face. Not many people even know Shift is a chick, and even fewer know what she looks like, or realise just how young she really is.

She thinks she's the first of a new breed. Guerrilla graffiti. Art terrorism. Cyber-strikes. Anarchist tactics. Bullets and guns aren't the only weapons you can use to fight a war.

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