Sabbat Contact
Faction Enforcers
Organization Praetorians
Prerequisite Eva Orlandez
Unlocks Saul Linklater
District Waterfront

Sabbat is a well know celebrity in and around the city of San Paro, but that doesn't stop her from fighting crime during the weekends.


Sabbat is one of the most recognisable faces in San Paro. She's been on the cover of Effigy five times in the last two years. Hundreds of thousands of San Parites see her striking features gazing at them every day from dozens of billboards around the city. As one of San Paro's top models, she's in high demand. Photo-shoots and catwalk work take her all around the world. In her home city, she's a regular fixture on the high-end party circuit, attending all the must-go premiers, opening nights and charity events. Monday she's at the launch party for Kiki Monroe's new chatshow. Tuesday, it's a celebrity guest DJ spot at Kriminal Enterprise on Satori Strip. Wednesday, she's attending the surprise birthday party for San Paro Old Money billionaire Marvin Seindorf at the KunstMuseum. Thursday she's out partying with hip movie director Crispin Q who's in town scouting locations for his next project. Friday, it's a gala fundraiser for Hea Choi's handguns-for-women charity. Saturday and Sunday, she puts on her Kevlar vest, straps on a pair of Colby pistols, checks her spare clips of ammo one more time, and goes out on patrol with her Praetorian unit.

She doesn't like to make a big thing about it, or attract too much attention to herself. Everyone knows her as Sabbat, but she enlisted under her real name, and, anyway, she's practically unrecognisable without the professional makeup and styling and wearing body armour and combat fatigues instead of a $20,000 Hector Marx dress.

Her business manager and agent hate the whole idea. Not only might their most lucrative client deal get killed out there, but this whole law enforcement thing doesn't score well with the 16-24 age group Urban Edge demographic that makes up a large chunk of her fanbase and her employers' target consumer group. So far, the efforts of two top-flight PR agencies and a lot of expensive favours called in have managed to keep the media away from the news that San Paro's most famous fashion model spends her nights off hunting gang kids down on the Waterfront.

Justin Teng saw PR opportunities stacked up high when he heard the news about his organisation's latest recruit. So far, though, Sabbat just wants to be treated like any other grunt-level Praetorian, and shows little willingness to become chief poster girl for the Praetorians. Her people are talking numbers with Teng's people, but nothing's been agreed, and, in the meantime, she just keeps on strapping on those pistols and going out on patrol with her squad buddies.

She likes it that way. She's not doing any of this for PR opportunities or out of some bullshit sense of giving something back to the community. Her motives are strictly personal.

She's got an apartment in the Needles, with views right across the city, but her hunting ground is the Waterfront. It was there that the animals she hunts dumped what was left of her kid sister.

'Dumpster dating', the crime blogs quickly christened it. Snatching girls off the streets, partying with them for a couple of days and then abandoning the leftovers in some back-alley dumpster. It happened to Sabbat's younger sister. They took her when she was on her way home from her private college in Virginia Gardens. They left her three days later, in a dingy alley in Yard Stretch. She was alive, but she would never be the same again.

Sabbat paid for her sister's college education and paid the rent on her apartment. Now she pays the care costs for the upstate private psychiatric clinic where her sister's a long-term patient.

Dumpster dating was last year's crime fad, but it still goes on. Sabbat thinks the animals who took her sister are still out there and still doing it. She joined the Praetorians and volunteered for Waterfront duty because the area seems to be their chosen dumping ground, and she thinks it's her best chance of finally meeting up with them.

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