APB Podcast Episode 16: The Music Editor
APB Podcast Episode 16 The Music Editor

APB Podcast Episode 16 The Music Editor

The music studio in APB lets you create two things; songs and themes. Themes are short, 5 second pieces of music which are applied to your character and played back in-game. Songs are longer pieces of music which you can export from the music tool into your track list, and you can then play them back through your car.

The music tool is based upon real music editors, which if you're already familiar with then you should be good to go. We've got multi tracks, we've got note editors, we have a broad range of instruments in there and we've got some visual effects in there to play with as well. You're able to make any style of music in the music tool yourself.

What if you're not too familiar with these sort of things? Well there's a few things you can do; you can go on the market place and have a look for themes and songs because these things are fully tradable in APB. I could make a tune and put it up on the marketplace for someone else to purchase and listen to as well as themes themselves.

The other thing you can do is load up the music studio, have a go but we've also got some preset themes in there that we can have a look at.