Miguel Estebano
Miguel Estebano Contact
Faction Enforcers
Organization Praetorians
Prerequisite Grissom
Unlocks Kaspar Danko
District Waterfront


There's a list of names prominently displayed on a bulletin board at SPPD headquarters in Midtown. All the names belong to former members of the SPPD, and they all have betting odds attached to them. It's the departmental sweepstakes on which of their former colleagues - just about all of them having left the department under various dubious circumstances - will next turn up among the ranks of the Praetorians. Miguel Estebano's name is top of the list, and the first name to have been crossed out the sweepstakes. Inehower won fifty bucks on him, the day the news came through that Estebano was back in town and working for the Praetorians.

Ask anyone round the department; Miguel Estebano was a bad cop. He got results, and cleared plenty of cases, but that was only half the story of his time as a detective with the SPPD. The other half shows up all across his personnel record. Six precincts in just over five years, as one commander passed him onto the other. The stack of brutality and overuse of physical force complaints made against him. The sections of his personnel records removed as part of an ongoing investigation by SPPD Internal Affairs.

In the end, he left the department just a couple of days ahead of the indictment that was supposed to be coming his way. San Paro's a rough town, and sometimes you have to cut corners to get the job done, but Estebano's tactics - coerced confessions, padded evidence, intimidating witnesses whose statements contradicted his, rumours of after-hours vigilante justice incidents - cut way too many corners way too many times. Despite it all, he still had his supporters among some of the departmental Old Guard who congregate in the backroom of Minty's bar, but even they baulked at what happened to that kid over in Red Hill.

The kid was a small-time punk and sometimes-informant. Estebano was leaning on him for some info on a case he was working. The kid was scared, must have given him something - anything - to get him off his back. The lead didn't play out, of course, so Estebano went back to see the kid and express his displeasure.

The kid was sixteen. He's in a wheelchair now, and eats most of his food through a straw. Zero tolerance policing, Miguel Estebano style.

So now he's with the Praetorians, heading up one of their new Special Investigation squads. To his credit, Saul Linklater - another former SPPD man - - refused to have him under his command in Havalynd. Midtown - right in the SPPD's backyard - was too hot for him also, so Justin Teng had him transferred over to the organisation's nascent Waterfront operation.

Miguel doesn't mind. He delivers results, not reassurances. Linklater's a pussy, anyway; talks Praetorian, but still thinks SPPD. Couple of years from now, Estebano's pretty sure he'll be in Linklater's job - or higher - while the former hotshot will be in charge of some 'vital' Praetorian operation way out there in there in the Yard, or some other chickenshit place.

Until then, the Waterfront suits him just fine. Plenty of action going on, plenty of places to go, and heads to bust. He's been told to keep a low profile, but he enjoys those few occasions so far when he's come into contact with some of his former colleagues in the SPPD. Gives him a chance to really rub their noses in it. Old Inehower looks like he's going to have a coronary every time he sees him, especially that last time when Estebano offered to give him the number of his tailor, so the SPPD man could get a discount on a decent-looking suit.

Oh yeah. It's good to be back, and Waterfront suits Miguel Estebano just fine. At least for the moment.


Miguel's appearence consists of a beanie hat and a shirt. The outfit in the G1 version has been replaced with a brown vest and a cowboy hat.

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