Segomo Defence Technologies (SDT) was as a defence contractor who diversified in the early eighties in an effort to shield themselves from the cyclical aerospace and defence markets. In 1981, SDT made various acquisitions and several new divisions were established as the company moved into securities civilian aeronautics (designing corporate jets), and telecommunications. They also purchased the Patriot Motor Group. Patriot Auto-fabrication had been virtually hand-building Patriot muscle-cars since 1955 in Austin, Texas, combining very powerful engines with relative affordability, though fabrication was crude and lacking refinement. In a radical departure from anything Patriot had ever done before, SDT redesigned the vehicle from the ground up, applying much of their military­-grade engineering to the vehicle's design. Their modifications, including a re-vamp of the Patriot "V11-Flashfire" engine, turned the Patriot from an enthusiast's collectable to a mainstream performance pinup. Recent generations of the Patriot, are widely seen as being a revolution of muscle ­car design and a real competitor in world markets.
Patriot T-25 Shared
Patriot V20 Jericho Enforcer
Patriot Vegas G20 Shared

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