Kaspar Danko
Kaspar Danko Contact
Faction Enforcers
Organization Praetorians
Prerequisite Miguel Estebano
Unlocks Justin Teng
District Financial

Kaspar Danko is a military soldier man.

Kaspar Danko is unlocked after reaching standing level 10 with Miguel Estebano.


A career military man, headhunted by Justin Teng after the better part of a lifetime spent fighting peacekeeper action bush wars around the globe. He'd spent most of those years watching his government try - and generally fail - in its self-appointed role of world cop while its own cities burned and its own citizens ate dog food out of cans in neighbourhoods where only the language of the graffiti on the bullet-marked walls was just about the visible evidence that this wasn't Mogadishu or downtown Baranquilla.

Better to first set your own house in order, Danko finally figured, before you earn the right to start explaining the rules of civilisation to others. And the pay's a lot better, too.

The wide boulevards and gleaming corporate castles of Havalynd are a long way from the smoking pyres of far away battlefields, but distance is only a matter of perspective, and the rules of tribal warfare are the same all over. Once you understand that, you begin to wonder just how much progress we've made since we were smashing in each other skulls with the jawbone of an ass.

According to the Praetorians' glossy recruitment brochures and shiny new website, Danko is officially below Linklater in the hierarchy, but that's just public relations spin. It looks better, everyone knows, to have an ex-cop in charge of a law enforcement operations rather than a career military jarhead. So Linklater gives the press conferences and takes the flak, but it's Danko who really calls the shots.

Police officer or peacekeeper, which is more suited to life on the streets of modern San Paro? For Danko, it's a no brainer; Justin Teng talks about protecting communities and winning hearts & minds, while Danko thinks in terms of demarcation lines distinguishing safe havens and free fire zones.

He's given several pounds of flesh, seen good friends die and bled out more pints of his own blood than he wants to think about in the service of his country, in protecting the gangbanger trash out there in the hotspot districts of San Paro. He figures he's earned the right not to have any illusions about what the situation really is.

Teng's an interfering civilian asshole, but a corporate suit interfering civilian asshole is really no different from the political variety that a career soldier like Danko has been used to dealing with. The SPPD has its uses, and there's still plenty of good people in its ranks, but they're fighting a battle where the rules have changed.

This is war, pure and simple. Fuck law enforcement. Fuck peacekeeping. San Paro's waging civil war with itself.

Havalynd is the green zone. Establish internal security there. Establish a secure perimeter, and then start moving out into enemy-held territory in the rest of the city. Street by street, district by district, Danko and his Praetorians are going do the job they're being paid to do; save San Paro from itself and win the city back.


The current image shown is the Realtime Worlds' and original version of his attire. When Reloaded Productions acquired the rights to All-Points Bulletin, he wears the same shirt, a red Barret, dark green cargo pants an eyepatch, and has a cigar in his mouth. His vest webbing is replaced with a knife and radio holster.

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