Fnmod weapon rifling3

Improved Rifling sets the damage dropoff further away at the cost of max bloom.

  • IR1 Range +3m Max bloom +10% Marksman Role 4
  • IR2 Range +5m Max bloom +15% Marksman Role 9
  • IR3 Range +7m Max bloom +20% Marksman Role 14

Improved Rifling is especially useful on mid-range weapons that usually don't hit their max bloom:

Improved Riflings effect in general is not huge, just as the downside, but can be essential for ranged combat. With IR3 the CR762 is able to 5 shot up to 76m, making it much easier to counter snipers. It will allow you to play a bit more safely and stay back. It is not recommended to use it on weapons that frequently hit their max bloom like the ALIG 762 or ATAC 424, although because of it's rather small effect on max bloom it can still be used. While it can be used on weapons like the N-HVR 762, Cooling Jacket will be more useful. Do not use this on the Agrotech DMR, it just pushes the DMRs damage increase even further out.

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