Pin-hole target aperture sight greatly improves accuracy when focusing in marksmanship mode.

Hunting Sight 3
  • HS1 Marksman modifier -0.05 Zoom +5 degrees Run modifier +0.5 Rifleman 3
  • HS2 Marksman modifier -0.10 Zoom +5 degrees Run modifier +1.0 Rifleman 8
  • HS3 Marksman modifier -0.15 Zoom +5 degrees Run modifier +1.5 Rifleman 14

Hunting Sight is a really useful mod for mid/long range weapons:

Increases accuracy when using marksmanship mode (when you're zoomed in) and increases the level of zoom by a small amount, but accuracy while running is reduced (also affects sprinting and jump+run). It can also be useful for LMGs since their running accuracy is already abysmal and it won't do much. It is also important to note that SMGs and Shotguns do not really benefit from a marksmanship accuracy increase, for the equivalent for them see Reflex Sight.

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