Hea Choi
Hea Choi Contact
Faction Enforcers
Organization Praetorians
Prerequisite Saul Linklater
Unlocks Justin Teng
District Financial

Hea Choi is a very popular and influential woman of San Paro. She exhibits great leadership and determination.


San Paro Business Week magazine rates her at No. 4 in their San Paro's Top Women Movers and Shakers list. (Mayor Derren comes in at No. 6). She's one of the city's favourite daughters, on the board of Best Global and so many charities that she needs several well-paid PAs just to keep track of them all. Famous for her campaigns to get kids in the city's pubic school system to eat healthier lunches, for women-only cars on the city's subway system, for more educational programs for the city's ghetto districts, and successfully suing the city to meet its statutory obligations for child day-care provision for city employees.

She used to run the San Paro marathon every year, raising hundreds of thousands of sponsorship dollars for breast cancer research, before too much sniper activity along the race route finally forced the SPPD to indefinitely suspend the event. Liberals love her. So do Conservatives - she famously blew away three would-be muggers/rapists who came at her out of the gloom of an underground car park one night, and one of her pet charities is a firing range club that offers free handgun lessons to every adult woman in San Paro.

She ticks all the boxes for very many of the target groups that the Praetorians' financial backers were looking to appeal to, and Justin Teng couldn't co-opt her onto the organisation's board of trustees fast enough, hardly baulking at all when she insisted on taking an indefinite sabbatical from her position at Best Global and being given day-to-day executive responsibilities over the running of the Praetorians.

Critics say she's only there for PR reasons; the acceptable face of private law enforcement, giving the Praetorians a reassuring, humane face that it otherwise lacks - can it be a coincidence that female Praetorian recruitment and general citywide approval ratings for the organisation have both risen by about 20% since her participation was so prominently unveiled?

Choi tells critics to blow it out their ass, and - hey - just what have they done for the city recently while they sit in their exclusive Canalside duplex apartments fretting about constitutional liberties while the neighbourhoods that their domestic staff live in continue to slide into hell?

Choi remains more than suspicious about Justin Teng's long term motives. Danko gets her respect as a guy who knows how to get the job done, although she's got reservations about the growing use of hard-nosed military methods to deal with civilian problems. Still, something needed to be done to help San Paro, and the Praetorians are the best - but still flawed - solution that anyone's come up with yet.

Who watches the watchmen, someone once asked. Someone inside their own ranks, would be Hea Choi's reply.

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