Emotes are a special type of chat in APB. The word "Emote" indicates that you are communicating an action, not directly saying something.

The following is a list of Emotes that can be used in the game.

List of emotes Edit

All emotes are gender specific, so for all you ladies out there who don't want to look like a guy actually dancing around, you have your own emotes as well.

Emote Command Anim Voice Description
/angry Y ? Angry
/animal Y ? Animal
/bodypop Y ? Body Pop
/bored Y  ? Bored
/bow Y ? Bow
/brag Y  ? Brag
/celebrate Y  ? Celebrate
/chicken Y  ?


/chuckle Y ? Chuckle
/clap Y ? Clap
/cointoss Y ? Coin Toss
/cold Y ? Cold
/confused Y ? Confused
/congratulations Y ? Congratulations
/cry Y ? Cry
/dance Y  ? Dance
/dancemichael Y  ? Dance - Michael Jackson
/dance80s Y  ? Dance - 80s dance
/danceairguitar Y ? Dance - Airguitar
/danceballet Y ? Dance - Ballet
/dancecomical Y ? Dance - Comical
/dancegoth Y ? Dance - Goth
/dancehiphop Y ? Dance - Hip Hop
/danceirish Y ? Dance - Irish
/dancemetal Y ? Dance - Metal
/dancepunk Y ? Dance - Punk
/dancerobot Y ? Dance - Robot
/dancesignature Y ? Dance - Signature
/dancetechno Y ? Dance - Techno
/danceruban Y ? Dance - Urban
/disagree Y ? Disagree
/fart Y ? Fart, pass gas
/flirt Y ? Flirt
/hello Y ? Hello
/insult Y ? Insult
/no Y ? No
/ready Y ? Ready
/shock Y ? Shock
/smoke Y ? Smoking
/strikeapose1 Y ? Strike A Pose 1
/strikeapose2 Y ? Strike A Pose 2
/surrender Y ? Surender
/taunt Y  ? Taunt
/threaten Y ? Threaten
/thumbsup Y ? Thumbs Up
/victory Y ? Victory
/wave Y  ? Wave
/whistle Y ? Whistle
/yes Y  ? Yes

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