Double-B Contact
Faction Criminals
Organization G-Kings
Prerequisite None
Unlocks Veronika Lee Terri Quan
Britney Bloodrose Strega Bloodrose
District Financial

Double-B is the New Recruit Contact for both G-Kings and Bloodrose(s).


True Story: there was this kid from out of the Gresty projects. Henry Luing. Bright kid. Everyone liked him. He knew the Gs - ran with them when he was younger - but then moved on. That's not supposed to happen, but no-one much minded. People like Henry, knew he was going to find a way out of Gresty without needing the gangs.

Henry had a kid sister. Little squirt. Didn't talk much. 'Introverted' said someone who had actually graduated from high school. 'Fucked up a little in the head', said everyone else that hadn't. People left her alone, though, out of respect for Henry.

Kid Sister liked to go play video games in the back room of the grocery store across the street from where they ended up building the skatepark. That was Barbarian territory. back then. One day some Barbarian kids from Barbarian territory caught her down there, beat the shit out of her. Kid Sister comes home crying, face all covered in blood and snot. Henry gets mad, goes down to the store to get some reconstitution.

Some of the older Barbarian crew are there, though, waiting for him. Ambush time. End story: they take Henry up to the roof of one of the project buildings and throw him off. Kid Sister's secretly followed Henry down there, and sees the whole things.

She goes off, Comes back with a shotgun - no-one still knows where the fuck she got it. Catches them drinking beer and getting high with whatever money they took from Henry's wallet, and she gives it to them hardcore. Both barrels. The full Double-B treatment.

Kid was ten years old. Fuckin' gun was bigger then she was.

That was a few years ago. Kid Sister had a name once, but now everyone just calls her Double-B. People still leave her alone, maybe still out of respect for Henry, but mostly because she just scares the living shit out of them. There's an old child welfare report on her lying forgotten in some filing cabinet in the City Social Services building. The word 'sociopathic' appears in it. No-one ever did anything about it. Maybe they hoped that life on the streets would take care of the problem for them

The G-Kings took her in, but she roams lone wolf mostly, keeping to herself. Even Zombie keeps his distance. She makes people nervous. She seems happy enough, prowling around the fringes, scoping out the new arrivals and - well - doing how knows the fuck what else out there.

The G-kings are a tight crew. If you've got the nerve, though, talking to Double-B might be a good way. If she doesn't kill you or creep you out, the rest of the Gs might figure, you must have something going for you.


Double-B has a tattoo, which reads: "R.I.P Fallen One". This is likely in honor of her brother, Henry, who was murdered in front of her. Her name, Double-B, is a nickname given to her for having murdered a rival gang with two double barrel shotguns.

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