Faction Criminals
Organization Holiday
Prerequisite None
Unlocks None
District Financial

Criminelf is the Christmas Holiday contact for Criminals appearing in the Financial Districts.


Dear San Paro Citizen,

A number of years ago at around this time a small number of Elves escaped from our containment facility and began to wreak havoc upon the streets and citizens of San Paro. We have taken steps to ensure that no such alarming behaviors will be displayed by the elves this year. They have been trained to behave themselves and have a large number of presents for all the good (and bad) boys and girls in the city.

Please do not feed the elves after midnight. Please do not allow the elves to come into contact with direct sunlight. Please do not look the elves directly in the eyes. Please do not make any sudden movements or loud noises while near the elves. Do not mention reindeer while near the elves.

Follow these rules and you should have a fun (and safe) time with the San Paro Elves. Remember to check the official APB Reloaded forums for more details and Christmas contests.

Happy Holidays from Reloaded Productions and GamersFirst.

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