This page lists all basic game controls of APB. They are similar to many first person shooters. This article will attempt to encompass them all.


W - Forward

S - Backward

A - Strafe Left

D - Strafe Right

C - Crouch

Space - Jump

Q - Lean Left / Change Handedness (while aiming (R-CLICK))

E - Lean Right / Change Handedness (while aiming (R-CLICK))

F - Manipulate World Object (mission objective, terminal, vehicle


W - Gas

S - Brake

A - Turn Left

D - Turn Right

Space - Handbrake

Q - Turn Signal Left

E - Turn Signal Right

Left-CLICK - Horn

R-CLICK - Siren

F - Enter / Leave Vehicle


sfL-CLICK - Fire weapon

  • dgR-CLICK - Aim modes@sdfgdgh

dgL-CTRL - Grenade

dg1 - Arm Primary Weapon

dg2 - Arm Secondary Weapon

dgdMouse Wheel Up - Select Other Weapon

ddhdhMouse Wheel Down - Select Other Weapon


, - Previous Track

. - Next Track

R-CTRL - Pause


L-ALT - Report Criminal!

Default settingsEdit


Default Keybinds

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