In the game there are 3 types of district settings; the action district which is a maximum of 100 players, the fightclub district, which has deathmatches and capture the point games, and the social district which is 250. Then there are 2 maps for the action setting, a big map called Financial district and a smaller map named Waterfront. The two fight club districts are the Beacon which is found in Financial, and Baylan Shipping Yard, which is found in Waterfront. For now, the only map available on social is social, which resembles a mall which is located at a kind of harbor.

The idea is that the social district is kind of your rest stop. Its where you go to customize, its where you socialize, in fact they are not faction divided. You can actually go in with criminals and enforcers mixing together, they can show off, they can display their cars, they can display their cool artwork, they can even display their cool clothing, with the idea that its kind of a place to relax and then jump back into the action in the action district.

We allow you to jump between maps fairly seemlessly; you go to specific players, you go to your group leader, you can even go to guild members.

Persistent Turf War Edit

NOTE: Below is a description of the Chaos District which is not implemented in the game It is announced by RTW that they are currently working on the Chaos District and expect it to be available by December 2010.

Both Gangs and Law Enforcement will continuously attempt to capture key areas of the city and expand their spheres of influence. These ‘turf areas’ offer access to the best items, while persistently displaying their owner’s status and symbols.

Territory is vulnerable 24/7, with players constantly engaged in battles for control. For periods when they are not online, players must upgrade their defenses – changing turf features or equipping AI adequately – or run the risk of losing their turf to a rival Gang or Squad. Capturing multiple turf areas is a progressively harder challenge, but provides correspondingly better rewards.

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