Britney Bloodrose
Britney Bloodrose Contact
Faction Criminals
Organization Blood Roses
Prerequisite Double-B
Unlocks Byron Bloodrose
District Waterfront

Tier 0 contact for Blood Roses.


Seindorf's a famous name in San Paro. You can pretty much see the Seindorf Building, in the downtown Financial District, from anywhere in the city. There's another reason why people know the Seindorf name, though, and it's not anything to do with tall buildings or all those bronze plaques on all those public landmarks that various generations of Seindorfs have bequeathed to the city. It's all to do with Clarissa Seindorf, who is - regrettably, from the Seindorf family's point of view - one of San Paro's most famous faces.

At present, the family are writing off Clarissa's unfortunate involvement with one of San Paro's criminal gangs as just one of those phases she goes through from time to time.

Clarissa's been through a lot of phases for someone still in her early 20s. Expelled from several expensive Virginia Gardens private schools for conduct unbecoming a young lady, she's since gone on to try her hand at 'acting' (casting couch audition tapes available for download all over SPiN), singing (not even the production skills of Suji, backed up by the best recording facilities money could buy, could coax anything listenable out of her weak vocals) and general celeb-around-town. (On that last score, fashion designer Gustav Schaow put her top of his annual San Paro's Worst Dressed list, a decision swiftly rescinded after Charlotte & Lilith Bloodrose kidnapped all three of his beloved English toy spaniel dogs and started mailing pieces of one of them back to him.)

It seemed certain she would next turn to crime, especially after Effigy magazine declared crime to be the new rock'n'roll, with a cover that month featuring a model blatantly imitating the look of Charlotte Bloodrose. Clarissa had already been part of the Blood Roses' traveling court for a while, but it wasn't until she persuaded them to take her out on a heist job with them that she realized just how high a buzz you could get from breaking the law at a level a lot higher than her previous drunk driving and minor drug busts.

As with her other phases, she threw herself wholeheartedly into this one, and her family are no doubt delighted with how fast she can strip and reload an MPG, or remotely disable a silent alarm. She's dropped out of sight on the Havalynd club scene, but only because she's hanging out at the Waterfront underground club scene. Officially, her family are putting out the word that she's traveling the world doing voluntary work for various charities, and they're expending a great deal of money and calling in a lot of favors to keep her involvement with the Blood Roses a secret from the press.

Which suits Jeung Bloodrose just fine. The Seindorf's sponsoring a news blackout on reports of Blood Roses just gives them all the more room to operate in, and helps keep the authorities off their back. To be honest, Clarissa kind of grates on his nerves, but she does have her uses to the organization.

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