Balkan Varzuga
Balkan Varzuga
Drive Type: FWD
Faction: Shared
Acceleration: Balkan Varzuga
Top Speed: Balkan Varzuga
Grip: Balkan Varzuga
Durability: Balkan Varzuga
Ramming Ability: Balkan Varzuga
Cargo: Balkan Varzuga
Passengers: 2

Its saving grace is the fact that its acceleration can put a Sungnyemun Moirai to shame. This is very useful when this car becomes the getaway car in a scenario when the player is surrounded by enemy fire and the player finds himself at a standstill with his Balkan Varzuga at hand. Its acceleration may be the highest in its class, but its other statistics sure are not. This is without a doubt the fastest car you can find at the $5,000 mark, but the discouraging features about this car are the fact that its lack of windows and rear seats do not make this car increasingly durable, rather, it is one of the least durable cars in its price range. It is also the only car in its price range that has two doors, which makes it unworthy to lean out of a window, because by the time you're ready to fire, the enemy has landed enough shots to completely wipe out your two-man team of driver and shooter. However, in terms of customization, the lack of windows does make a perfect wall for self-expression and the added option of customizing the tires does increase the car's appeal. Nevertheless, if speed is your preference, then by all means, buy this car.

Price: Enforcer Unlocks Criminal Unlocks Level: Rating:
0 Slot: $5000 Violet Prentiss Terri Quan 2 1
1 Slot: $10000 Akiko X Javez 3 30
2 Slot: $20000 Byeong Lee Grayson Fell 3 30
3 Slot: $35000 Orlenz' Moretti Arlon Benjamin 3 85
4 Slot: $50000 Devil Dog Tiptoe 4 85

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