Balkan Ravan
Balkan Ravan
Drive Type: AWD
Faction: Shared
Acceleration: Balkan Ravan
Top Speed: Balkan Ravan
Grip: Balkan Ravan
Durability: Balkan Ravan
Ramming Ability: Balkan Ravan
Cargo: Balkan Ravan
Passengers: 4

The Balkan Ravan is a 4 door car in APB with average performance. It is based of a Skoda Octavia and a Ford Focus. This car's weakness is its high center of gravity. Another interesting note is that Ravan means flat/plane on Serbian language (also Croatian and some other Balkan/Europe country languages).

The regular version is unlockable somewhere early in the game at the contacts named Terry Quan (Faction: Criminal) and Violet Prentiss (Faction: Enforcer). After unlocking it can be bought for $10,000 (in game dollars). Also there are two more versions which are updated with slots for upgrades and they are a bit more expensive, the first one is $20,000, it haves 2 slots, the second one is $35,000 and it has 3 slots. These versions can be unlocked later on during the game at the contacts named Akiko X, Byeong Lee in the enforcer factions. In criminal faction they can be unlocked at contacts named Chiro, Javez and Grayson Fell.

Price: Enforcer Unlocks Criminal Unlocks Level: Rating:
0 Slot: $5000 Violet Prentiss Terri Quan 4 1
1 Slot: $10000 Akiko X Javez 5 30
2 Slot: $20000 Byeong Lee Grayson Fell 5 30
3 Slot: $35000 Orlenz' Moretti Arlon Benjamin 5 80
4 Slot: $50000 Devil Dog Tiptoe 8 85

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