The Balkan Kolva is the only heavy truck in game. It have a terrible acceleration, brakes, turning and it doesn't have any cargo space at all, but is the most resistant vehicle and with the best ramming ability. From three to five grenades are necessary to be seriously damaged and can destroy almost all vehicles with one single ram.

Due its characteristics, players tend to use it to disturb opponents or destroy their cars rather than an effective vehicle.

The Kolva standard version is quite rare to find in districts while the garbage truck and mixer variants seems more common in Waterfront and spawn in determinate public parkings.

The garbage truck have functional flashing lights on the roof, they works like the Enforcer's siren.

Kolva Mixer F

Balkan Kolva Mixer variant Front

Kolva Mixer R

Rear visual

Kolva Garbage F

Balkan Kolva Garbage truck variant Front

Kolva Garbage R

Rear visual

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