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Attention All. Due to the age of the wiki itself and the long inactivity period it has experienced, the entire clan portfolio will be purged. Many of the clans listed there are either inactive, moved, or no longer exist. Therefore it make much more sense to remove all of the pages and clean up the wiki entirely. If you have any questions contact a wiki admin. Thank you.


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Affluent college kids from the exclusive and sedate Waterfront enclave of Prentiss, who have banded together to protect their community from crime. And because stomping the shit outta criminal trash is a whole lotta fun.

With a core composed of college school team jocks, extreme sports fanatics and adrenaline junkies, the Tigers are all about pro-active aggression, jock humour and kegger parties on the beach. Read more...

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  • JEA12

    [Friday, January 24, 2014]

    "Here’s what’s going on right now:  For the last few weeks miscreants have been messing with APB by attempting both small and large DDoS attacks daily. The attacks range from small scale attempts, all the way to Derp Trolling taking down APB during their big take-down spre…

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  • JEA12

    APB:R - Patch 1.14.1 (471)

    January 25, 2014 by JEA12

    [21 January 2014]

    Tomorrow’s (Wednesday) maintenance will have an extended maintenance time (more details in a Blog post later today) Maintenance should be approximately four hours and will start at 10 AM GMT.


    • Various background system optimizations.

    BUG FIX:

    • Fixed a visual corruption issue that…

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